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S1E3 | Are you forcing a solution that isn’t validated?


  • There’s a misconception that offering a product or service automatically solves a problem.
  • Basically, it’s about not relying solely on anecdotal evidence or personal interest before offering something.
  • It’s important to consider the work, research, and credibility behind sales of others in the same field before assuming you can copy their business model.
  • There’s no evidence that design alone can boost sales… there’s a need for a more comprehensive approach.
  • There are different stages of awareness in the customer journey, starting from problem unaware to most aware.
  • Instead of assuming your target market’s needs from preconceived notions, understand their business as a whole and where they’re coming from.
  • To make offers that resonate with customers, focus on better market research and real-world engagement.
  • A good solution requires continuous learning, validation, and iteration.
  • A good product or service needs to balance passion and skills with customer preferences.

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