Learn to run a successful business as a distracted entrepreneur with limited time.

What if you could save time on processes so you can work less and still make more money?

The Streamlined & Refined Course for Creative Service-Based Entrepreneurs helps you clean up your processes. with your clients and your business. You'll learn how maximize the essential profit-generating tasks and cut out anything else.

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Does this sound like you?

Working more hours than you intended each week
Trying to guess which clients would be a good fit
Wasting too much time creating proposals 
Not having a smooth process to convert leads
Chasing after unpaid or late invoices
Disorganized with  project workflows
Unsure about how to give the best client experience
Don't know where to put in time vs. what to keep simple

What if you could have a guide for successful client projects while maintaining a minimal schedule?

That's why I created the Streamlined & Refined Course for Creative Service-Based Entrepreneurs to help you save time and make more money.

Give your workflows a makeover in just one week to cut hours while also keeping your clients happy

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... you're struggling with how to balance your time with money-making tasks vs. admin work. I get it - as creatives, we want things presented in a certain way. But when you spend too much time manually onboarding each client, you lose the opportunity to have time for hobbies, creativity, or marketing.

And not even that, you're wondering about how quickly you can get paid, if your client will respect your boundaries, while staying on a certain timeline to avoid the dreaded scope creep!

Right now...

Imagine if...

You can save hours of time a week any time you sign on a new client?

Imagine if it's so easy to go from an inquiry to a booked client!
Imagine getting paid on time without chasing those past due invoices. Imagine doing this effortlessly in a way that brings you happy clients who give you glowing testimonials and refers you to their network.

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Hey, I'm Franzine!

When I first started out, I wasted a lot of time on things that didn't matter to my clients. With a "business essentialism" mindset, I documented how to make a better client experience while cutting out anything that was unnecessary. It gave me more space to breathe, I was less stressed out, and my clients were happy. I'm sharing my knowledge of that with this course. 

I wanted to create this product because I saw a need with creatives looking for ways to improve their workweek schedules while improving their skills. I wanted something that was simple, easy to use, and cut out any of the fluff. 

My goal is to help creatives feel more confident about booking a client, running a business, and doing it in a profitable way the entire time.

1. Prioritization

Running a profitable business on part-time hours
Intentional business goals
Setting income & work week

2. high impact workflow

Categorizing important tasks
Organizing client work
Setting time for essential admin work
Managing effective marketing work
What it looks like to grow

3. refined processes

A streamlined work week
Personalized productivity methods
Setting firm boundaries
Planning & predictability

4. the streamlined system

Efficient lead capture
Sales/discovery call prep
Secure contracts & payment
Client project- start to finish

5. Bonus worksheets

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12-month access to these modules:

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Streamlined & Refined

+ S&R Bonuses





+ Dream Clients & Your Signature Offer Worksheet

+ Set Better Goals Workbook

+ Stating Your Value (& Pricing) Worksheet

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"I love how clear and simple the Starter Kit is and it helps me feel more confident as I transition my business to be more professional and streamline my process."

"As a creative, my focus was on the designs, and I struggled with the business side of my brand. My clients loved their deliverables, but not necessarily the process. Before purchasing Franzine’s Starter Kit, I was lost as too how to develop an onboarding process that would allow me to offer premium prices and services. It seemed to take hours to explain my process to a client and would sometimes force me to lose Leads. Her course, with the workbook and templates, was just what I needed to help me streamline my onboarding process, which resulted in satisfied clients, and allowed me to offer premium prices." - Rochelle

As a new design biz owner, I know first hand how overwhelming it can be to try and navigate working with new clients before you've even mastered your process! There's so much to learn, but the lessons have made life SO much easier. Franzine walks you through the kit so clearly and concisely and there isn't a detail left out. The workbook prompts you along the way so that you're always connecting the ideas back to your unique workflow and there's even templates! What more could you ask for? I can confidently say that it's one of the best investments I've made since starting my journey as a brand designer! - Shelby Grajeda

Kind words about my templates + lessons

You also get these bonuses!

Dream Clients + Your Signature Offer Worksheet

Set Better Goals Workbook

Stating Your Value (& Pricing) Worksheet


How will I know if this is for me? (See a list down below - click here!)

If you run a service-based creative business, this is for you! It helps you have a smooth and simplified onboarding process to help boost your service-based business and give you time for other things!

What's included on here?

You get 12 months of access to the video course. It comes with worksheets, tech guides, and email communication guides. You also get bonus worksheets to go over dream clients, setting better business goals, and stating your value to your clients.

How long will it take me to implement everything in the course?

You can get your processes in order within a week!

What if I want this but don't have time to do it?

That's exactly what this helps you with. If you're not finding the time, then you need help with a more efficient system that makes your client projects more predictable and less stressful.

Do you offer refunds?

This is a digital product that you access right away. Due to the nature of it, we are not offering refunds on this product. If you have any concerns, please reach out.

Who's this for?

This is great if you work primarily with clients on projects.

Lettering artists
Type designers
and more :)

Brand designers
Web designers
Graphic designers
Motion designers

This can include:

Who else can this benefit?

Those who feel like they're working overtime
Entrepreneurs & freelancers who feel burnout
People who day jobs but want to grow their own businesses
Parents who juggle kids and client work
Creatives who feel like boundaries need to be stronger
Anyone who feels like they're wasting precious time when they really just want to work on what they're good at

Imagine where you can be a few weeks from now

If you are time-starved, you can use this product to help you finally get some free time. 

Were you looking to finish that course?
Spend more time connecting with your ideal clients?
Maybe you wanted to start a new personal project?
Or even just update your portfolio?

You'll be able to do that!

Now is the time to take advantage of it!

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