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The Best Tools for Graphic Designers

Design Biz

After being in business for several years, I’ve tried and tested many different products. It can be pretty overwhelming for a budding freelancer or entrepreneur.

If you’ve stumbled upon this for the first time, it’s essential you read my article on why it’s more important to master systems vs. tools. That way, when a new company invents brand new software, you won’t be totally thrown off. There are the foundations of business and design, and then there are all the extras that can make our lives easier.

Once you’re more familiar with that philosophy, it’s not as daunting to try out new software to cut your time in half. I have a mix of useful technology-based tools along with books that have been helpful to me.

What tools does a graphic designer use?


Brand Strategy

For video, conferencing, and recording

Organization and project management

  • Dynamic (and better designed) spreadsheets – Airtable
  • Organized notetaking, doc sharing, and client folders – Notion
  • Project management – Clickup or Asana

Business-related Books

Productivity + Lifestyle Books

Design + Inspiration Books

Invoicing and Accounting

Misc Tech

  • Cloud storage, this syncs to your computer but it doesn’t have to store everything on your hard drive, unlike Google Drive. It’s a computer storage saver! – Dropbox

Guides and Downloads


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